Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 7 terms in this directory beginning with the letter A.

Accessory building or structure
Any awning, window awning, cabana, ramada, storage cabinet, storage building, private garage, carport, fence, stairway, ramp, or porch, or any other building or structure other than a patio, established for the use of the occupant of a manufactured (mobile) home unit.

Professional valuation done on a mobile home property to find expected value.

Reviewed and/or inspected and deemed acceptable to the local enforcement agency.

An accessory structure, used for shade or weather protection, supported by one or more posts or columns and partially supported by a unit or other accessory structure installed, erected, or used on a lot.

Awning Enclosure
An enclosure designed for outdoor recreational purposes, not for habitation, constructed under an awning or freestanding awning, which may include a screen room, and either an accessory building or structure, or a building component.

Awning, Freestanding
An accessory structure, used for shade or weather protection, supported entirely by columns or posts and, other than flashing, not attached to or supported by a manufactured (mobile) home unit or other accessory structure.

Awning, Window or Door
An accessory structure, used for shading a window or door, supported wholly by the unit or other accessory building or structure to which it is attached.