Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 15 terms in this directory beginning with the letter E.

Earthquake Resistant Bracing System (ERBS)
An anchoring system, bracing system, or other device designed and constructed for the purpose of protecting the health and safety of the occupants of, and reducing damage to, an mobile home unit in the event of an earthquake.

Electrical Feeder Assembly
The overhead or underchassis feeder conductors, including the equipment grounding conductor, together with the necessary fittings and equipment, designed for the purpose of delivering energy from the mobile home's lot electrical service equipment to the branch circuit distribution panelboard of the mobile home unit or accessory building or structure.

Electrical Service, Park
The conductors and equipment for delivering electrical energy from the electrical supply system or the generator of an isolated plant, to the electrical wiring system of the mobile home park.

Electrical System, Park-Secondary
That part of the electrical wiring system of the mobile home park distributing electrical energy at a nominal 120 or 120/240 volts, single phase.

Electrical Wiring System, Park
All of the electrical equipment, appurtenances and related electrical installations outside of permanent buildings, units, and accessory buildings or structures within a mobile home park.

An occurrence constituting a present or imminent serious risk to life, health, safety, or property requiring immediate correction.

The act of applying electrical energy, or gas or water pressure.

Enforcement Agency
The governy authority, or any city, county, or city and county that has assumed responsibility for the enforcement of the mobile home foundation standards.

A person registered with the State of California as a professional engineer qualified to practice engineering in this state. An engineer designing or approving plans should have skill, knowledge, and expertise in that scope of practice.

Engineer's Foundation Certification
A stamped certification by a licensed professional engineer in the state where the home resides. The Engineer's Certification states that the foundation (or permanent foundation) complies with the standards set forth by the governing agency. Also see Foundation Certification.

All materials, appliances, devices, fixtures, fittings, or accessories used in the structural, fire safety, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems of mobile home units, accessory buildings and structures, buildings, structures, infrastructures, and systems.

The acronym for an Earthquake Resistant Bracing System.

A person, firm or business engaged in assembly or construction of earthquake resistant bracing systems for mobile home units foundations.

ERBS-Manufacturer's Installation Instructions
The specific written directions for an earthquake resistant bracing system to be installed on or under mobile home units and foundations.

Expansive Soils
Types of soil that shrink or swell as the moisture content decreases or increases. Manufactured home foundations built on these soils may experience shifting, cracking, and breaking damage as soils shrink and subside or expand.