Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 12 terms in this directory beginning with the letter G.

An enclosed accessory building or structure located on a mobile home lot and designed for the storage of motorized vehicles.

Gas Connector
A flexible connector, listed for exterior use, to convey gas from a gas riser outlet to the gas supply connection of a mobile home unit.

Gas Piping System, Park
The pipe, equipment and related installations, outside of permanent buildings, units, or accessory buildings or structures, for distributing gas throughout the mobile home park.

Gas Piping, Main
A distribution line that serves as a common source of supply for more than one service line.

Gas Riser Outlet
That portion of a park gas service line or gas piping system, extending above ground, serving a mobile home lot.

Gas Service Line
The pipe or that portion of a park gas piping system, extending from the main park gas line to the individual gas riser outlet serving a mobile home lot.

Good Cause
What the enforcement agency would find to be a reasonable basis for failing to appear at the time and place scheduled for a hearing, informal conference, formal hearing, or for not complying with a specified timeline.

Grade, Existing
The surface of the earth adjacent to the mobile home before earthwork takes place.

Grade, Finish
The final surface of the earth adjacjent to the mobile home after all improvements are completed.

Gross Floor Area
The floor area enclosed within the surrounding exterior walls of a mobile home unit, accessory building or structure, or portions thereof. Where there are no walls, "gross floor area" means the usable area contained within the horizontal projection of the roof and floor.

Ground Anchor
That part of a tiedown assembly that is inserted into the ground. Note that Ground Anchors are not allowed in HUD compliant mobile home permanent foundation systems.

A vertical barrier erected along the open edges of a porch or other elevated area to prevent persons from falling to a lower level.