Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 10 terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.

Sanitation Station, Recreational Vehicle
A plumbing receptor designed to receive the discharge of sewage holding tanks of self-contained recreational vehicles and which is equipped with a water hose connection for washing the receptor.

Sewage Drain Lateral
That portion of the mobile home park sewage system that extends to an individual lot drain inlet.

Sewage Drainage System
All the piping within or attached to the mobile home unit or accessory building or structure that conveys sewage or other liquid wastes to the drain outlet.

Sewer, Park
That part of the mobile home park sewage drainage system beginning at the lot drain inlet or from a point two feet downstream from a permanent building drain connection and terminating at the public sewer or private sewer disposal system.

Material used to enclose or partially enclose the area under the mobile home unit.

A step or any configuration of steps or risers where the run (length) of an individual tread or step does not exceed thirty (30) inches, and which is designed to enable passage from one elevation to another.

Standard Plan Approval (SPA)
A plan approved by the governing department for an accessory building or structure, an engineered tiedown system, or a mobile home foundation system, to be installed or constructed on a repetitive basis, for the purpose of obtaining a construction permit through an enforcement agency.

Steel Pier
A steel support that incorporates into its structure an adjustable means of raising and leveling the mobile home unit or accessory building or structure that the pier supports.

The entire pier and footing assembly, used to transfer the loads of a mobile home unit, accessory building or structure, or building component to the ground.

Support System
A system of supports, which sustains the vertical loads of a unit, accessory building or structure, or building component. A support system does not necessarily include a foundation system.