Glossary of Terms

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There are currently 5 terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.

Technical Service
The providing of interpretation and clarification by the enforcement agency of technical data and other information relating to the application of mobile home foundation plan approvals and designs.

Tensioning Device
A mechanical device that is part of a tiedown assembly. The tensioning device allows a person to eliminate any slack in the tiedown assembly and maintain the tension established when the slack is eliminated.

Testing Agency
An organization which:
  • Is in the business of testing equipment and installations.
  • Is qualified and equipped for such experimental testing.
  • Is not under the jurisdiction or control of any manufacturer or supplier for any affected industry.
  • Maintains at least an annual inspection program of all equipment and installations currently listed or labeled.
  • Makes available a published directory showing current listings of manufacturer's equipment and installations which have been investigated, certified and found safe for use in a specified manner and which are listed or labeled by the testing agency; and
  • Is approved by the governing department.

Tiedown Assembly
An assembly of component parts that has been tested and listed by agencies approved by the governing department as complying with the requirements for the anchoring of mobile home to the foundation system.

Tiedown System
A tiedown system is used in conjunction with a support system and consists of the total number of tiedown assemblies required to provide a mobile home or mobilehome with resistance to wind loads.